About Valley Ranch Nursery
First established in 1960s, by Laurie and Daphne Kelly and now managed by their son Sean Kelly, Valley Ranch Nursery specialises in growing a wide range of succulents,ferns,natives and exotic plants that are suited to the Sydney environment.
At Valley Ranch Nursery we aim to produce high quality plants in an environmentally friendly way. Plants that require less water, fertilisers and pesticides. Our plants are grown outside so they are totally acclimatised and ready to plant in the home garden. We only use dam water for irrigation, filtered rain water for drinking and we recycle pots where possible
We are not a hardware store, supermarket or coffee shop we are specialists in what we do which is providing professional advice and quality plants.       
Our nursery is in Oxford Falls, surrounded by the Garigal National park and is a beautiful place for a stroll and a breath of fresh air. We would love you to come and visit us
    phone 0417 402910 or 94514114          2 Kellys way oxford falls Sydney N.S.W      http://emporium.auctiva.com/02shamus                
Valley Ranch Nursery is situated at 2 Kellys way Oxford Falls   Kellys way is on the corner of Morgan rd and Oxford  Falls rd west      http://emporium.auctiva.com/02shamus                                                       
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